Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Read this before buy a Desktop or Laptop

Are you already to get a Desktop or Laptop computer if so this article was written for you. Before buy a computer you must aware about following things

·          Be aware about machine configuration
·         Be aware about brand and version of your computer
·         Take the advice from another user
·         Find out in the internet about your computer
·         Specially be aware about the cost
·         What is the purpose in buying a computer

Be aware about machine configuration
What is your machine configuration? When we buying a computer basically we must find out what are the features of our computer. What are the hardware available in our computer? Features are matching with our purpose….. is machine configure up to date….
EX: older Pentium machine configures are now already expiring

Be aware about brand and version of your computer
Let me explain….. If you buy an older version from any of brand you probably doing wrong thing, why???. Older versions of any brand are going to expire. If you buy an older version you definitely face to many problem. One of them…….. just imagine when you using it you will have to change the hardware of your computer…. Then how can you find the hardware parts.. it will be very very difficult…. Because your laptop or desktop is an older version….

Take the advice from another user
This thing you must do instantly…. Because there is no any qualified person like another user of equipment to get advice about. If you take the advice from another user,,, you can identify what problem you will have to face in future when use the computer… you can get help from him to select the good computer

Ok then I think it will be enough for today the next chapter of this article will be continued in my next post 

Are you overcharging your laptop battery

Are you overcharging your laptop battery.............. if so please read this article carefully.  first i want to ask is your laptop battery overcharging..... if you don't know properly about this please see my last article on clicking here
let's get to today topic, are you overcharge your laptop battery..... if so i highly recommend do not go to do it... why
do you know there is few cell in your battery. in my laptop there are six cells. if you don't know please check about your laptop in the internet or anywhere you want.
when you overcharging your battery the cells in the battery don't work properly, i have seen some people don't remove the AC power from laptop after at 100% level. when you doing this...... chemicals in the battery cells are going to frees. then those cells are damaging and your battery is not charging properly or reduce battery life rapidly.
so if you want to save your battery life for a long time do the following things

  1. remove the AC power at 100% level of battery (stay attention when battery charging)
  2. plug your AC power cable when battery reduce fully (at the 7% level most of)
  3. do not charge between battery at 10%-99% levels
  4. full charge the battery(do not remove AC power when battery charging,, remove the power after the charging

ok then i think this will be very help full to you i know most people are don't remove the ac power after battery charging ,,, if you have more doubt related to this article please leave a comment
Thank you
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Is your Laptop battery overcharging

hi guys after long time we are back to field

here we brought some important tricks for laptop users. i know many people in the world are using laptop. i don't know what laptop brand you are using, what is the machine configure, what is your operating system, but i know one thing......... that is if you use laptop there is a battery of your laptop
yeap probably it's have battery

What are these batteries

  1. nickel cadmium (NiCad)
  2. nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
  3. lithium ion (Li-ion), with Li-ion being the most common in newer 
now here i'm not going to talk about 1 and 2 types of batteries, i'm talking about lithium ion,
what is the type of your battery
        remove the battery from laptop and check out the striker

i think it's should be a (Li-ion) battery. if so it's your battery overcharging. then here the answer
no it is not overcharging. i probably know it. how can say it then here the prove

there is an internal cur cit in your battery to stop overcharging. there for your battery is not overcharging, but i want tell  if your battery internal cur cit which i said above has damage from physical reason you can't stop the overcharging, only one way to stop it when you charging it stay attention with your battery level and remove the charger when battery energy level at 100% level
then let it come to minimum level....... most of 7% level again charge it 7% level, i specially notice please check you battery type it's a (Li-ion) or other one........

ok then let's stop for today.let's meat again with very valuable post  

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How to stop the update notification of the Internet Download Manager.....!!

Hi guys after long long time we are back again with a new post.......
are you using internet download manager.....????
if you are using idm..... i think you have a problem about update notification of the idm. when you connecting to internet there coming update notification from the Internet download manager. then if you are using a original copy you can update it without doubt, but if you are using crack version probably you can't update it. because your crack will catch by the idm site. then you can't use idm because there come a massage about FAKE SERIAL NUMBER.
i think some people are known about this but most people are don't know it. then today i will show how to stop this UPDATE NOTIFICATION,
 follow this method:-

  1. press "Windows button+R"
  2. type "regedit" and hit enter
  3. now you can see the registry editor dialog box
  4. then double click on the HKEY_CURRENT_USER from the category list
  5. now you can see drop down list and double click on the SOFTWARE tab
  6. then again coming drop down list then you can see a tab as DownloadManager double click on it
  7. now you can some staff on the other side 
  8. find the value box LastCheck and double click it
  9. then change value data using future date like 2050-12-12
  10. then click OK
ok then that's it you done it now update notification will never come again

if you can't understand please watch the below video